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44 North Street
Dalby, QLD, 4405





Being modest, mum-loving boys; we take a keen interest in pregnancy and paediatric related issues, with Dr Dan Strong being our resident curly, mop-haired expert. Dan has spent many years specialising in this area of care, and considers it a passion rather than an occupation... He also plays the guitar pretty well, though has found that this does not help babies sleep.

Dr Brett Atkins is our migraine, lower back and sports injury specialist. He’s like the member of the band that gets us to gigs on time, never forgets the score sheets and shows up to every practice. He’s this serious about your health too, and often refers to being a chiropractor as ‘his first love’. Little bit weird, but good to know you’re in safe, experienced, caring and capable hands.

As with all good bands, we need Band-Aids. These are the loyal, loving family of massage therapists who support you and our clinic. They provide each patient prior to treatment with a soft tissue massage and perhaps a joke, or song or two. Again, none can sing and most jokes are pretty bad. You have been warned. They are however, great at massage therapy and are infectiously happy. Now that you know a bit about us, we’d like to know more about you. Call us today on 07 4662 3030 to organise a time to meet our team, discuss your concerns and be treated by one of the boys. NB: While we prefer to see the lighter side of life, we will always take your health and your wellbeing very, very seriously.

drum rolls please....


Welcome to the Dalby Chiro team,

Dr Ian Roberts!

Here's a bit about the man himself, now taking appointments! (First day Tuesday 21st of November)

Hi, my name is Ian Roberts and I will be joining the friendly team here at Dalby Chiropractic, I'll be available Tuesdays to Fridays. Once settled in we intend to offer a Saturday morning clinic, so everyone has time to experience the healthy benefit from less tension in their spine and nervous system.

Having been a chiropractor for 23 years, I have had the opportunity to work in most Australian states as a clinic owner, associate or locum. For the past 10 years our family has lived on the Gold Coast and after recent enjoyable locum stints in Mt. Isa and Lismore, I was eager to make a more permanent “escape to the country”. Our two independent daughters are busy with University studies and my wife Sally, a senior midwife is also looking for new professional and lifestyle changes. We first met when I was also a registered nurse in Sydney.

Whilst I am passionate about general practice, I have diverse special interest areas which complement both Dr Brett and Dan and hopefully add to the range of practice here at Dalby Chiropractic. Whilst people can experience a sudden accident or incident and develop symptoms and therefore seek help, more often others can’t recall an incident and are left wondering how did I get here! This is increasingly down to our less physical ‘modern’ lifestyles, and the effects on our health, brain, spine and nervous system of the ever increasing use of digital technology at home, school and the workplace . We slouch, we sit and stare constantly at screens, becoming hypnotised
by the activity at hand and numb to the constant physical stress this has on our bodies. Later on, we may start getting that headache, neck and low back pain, sciatica, tight neck, shoulder and back muscles, sore joints, tingling in the limbs, lack of energy, fatigue, poor sleep……….the list is endless. Before any symptom arises, there are always ‘silent’ postural indicators present that if addressed early can minimise these spinal/postural health issues.

Thankfully there are simple, free or relatively inexpensive solutions to these problems. Please be aware of your child’s posture when using digital technology, watching TV, doing homework or how they sit at school. Is their head leaning forward, are they slouching? These are common early signs,
their spine is under stress. Come on in and get their posture and spine assessed. I have also undertaken extra training in the assessment and support for Scoliosis management. Whilst more
prevalent in girls its sound advice to have all 10-13yr old first checked. This allows early detection before puberty starts and potentially more choices in treatment options.

My goal is to help every brain, spine and nervous system, (YOU) more adaptable, resilient and stronger in the face of the constant ongoing stress of life. Whether that requires a spinal adjustment,
exercise tips, nutritional advice or a simple word of encouragement.



Our new masseuse Melissa Thies! Mel has been a therapeutic masseuse since obtaining her diploma in 2006. Her massage techniques include, Remedial, Deep tissue, Sports, Swedish, Shiatsu, Acupressure and Reflexology. With both of her children at school she now has decided to take the opportunity to expand her business, Natural Bodyworx. Mel will be taking clients on Mondays and Thursdays here at the Clinic, but she can also offer more appointments outside of these days with prior arrangement. Massages are 1/2hr, 1hr and 1 1/2hr appointments and reflexology treatments are also available. Please contact me directly for bookings on 0427 808166 or message through her Facebook page Natural Bodyworx

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