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44 North Street
Dalby, QLD, 4405


The PER Machine


Pulsed Energy Technologies award-winning Pulsed Energy Replenisher (P.E.R.) 2000 boosts energy, relieves pain and accelerates the healing process. Trusted by top athletes, medical professionals and everyday people alike, this cutting-edge technology is available to anyone seeking non-invasive, all natural methods to restore health and amplify the body’s overall performance.

The therapeutic benefits of the Pulsed Energy Replenisher 2000 can often be felt after just one Energy Session. This revolutionary healing device targets the source of pain and transfers powerful magnetic energy pulses to the point of injury, no matter how long ago it occurred. Users report that they can feel the energy pinpoint the exact spot where it’s needed most, where it can potentially provide immediate relief for chronic pain and help the body to repair faster.

The Pulsed Energy Replenisher 2000 can potentially benefit everyone. The lightweight, portable device is easy to use and does not require much technical knowledge. It is safe, comfortable and effective, and the benefits are still being discovered. Many users rely on the power of the P.E.R. 2000 to stimulate a sense of overall wellbeing, boost their immune system, increase their natural energy source and optimize their performance – at home, on the field or in the boardroom.