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A few days late! But as we approach the final week of winter I think we can all take a sigh of relief knowing we got out of it pretty easy, and by easy I mean we weren't expecting 30+ Degree days in August!  This months newsletter is short and sweet, with our NEW upcoming changes to our opening/closing times through the School Holidays, then with the changes of our hours once Dr. Dan has officially moved to Rainbow. There is also a great article on the way our brain and gut communicate with each other AND an amazing healthy burger recipe that'll get you itching crack out that BBQ! 


The Clinic will be closed from Tuesday the 19th to the 25th Of September (First week of school holidays) As the boys will both be away, but don't worry you will still be able to call the clinic and book appointments. Dr Dan will also be away the second week of school holidays in preparation to his move to Rainbow Beach.

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Joy's Mushroom Burger


You know that feeling you get in your belly when you’re nervous? Or excited? Or scared?

While it might seem that those butterflies are coming directly from your gut, part of it actually has to do with how our brain communicates with our gastrointestinal system. This relationship is a complex one and as this article from The Conversation outlines, antidepressants and talk therapy may be as good for our guts as they are for treating anxiety and depression.




It seems that August is the best month of the year because we have 4 staff members with Birthdays this month! A BIG Happy Birthday to:

Josh who turned 18 on the 6th

Ash-Leigh who is 23 on the 25th

Jacqui who's turning 36 on the 27th


Esther who is 30 on the 30th!